Online Worship

Welcome to Oak Lawn Bible Church's online worship service ! We're glad you are taking part in worshiping with us. While we don't really believe that there is any replacement for actually gathering together, we hope this is a tool that can help you worship God in whatever circumstances you find yourself. When we can't gather in person, we can gather in spirit, longing for the day when we will be face to face again. 


  • Gather with your family or those you live with, if that is possible. At least then you can worship together with them. 
  • Commit to actively engaging in all aspects of worship. Sing with the songs. Take notes on the message and look for application. Pray the prayers. Most of the time when we're looking at a screen we're only engaging passively. Worship is inherently active. It is something we must do for ourselves, not something that can be done for us.  
  • Identify and try to minimize distractions. Worshiping at home presents a unique challenge and opportunity. If you've got small kids, have them use the bathroom before you start, just as if you were attending church in person. Try to put your focus on worshiping God, not on the other things that often call for our attention at home. At the same time, participating via video means you can pause if needed. Use the opportunity to discuss. 
  • See this page for some content specifically for your kids. 
  • Fill out this form to let us know you participated in online worship: Connect Card
  • If you want to give to OLBC as part of your worship you can do that by going to

September 27

Worship Through Giving

Worship through giving is an important part of our gathered worship. Through the resources God has entrusted to us, we are able to support the ministry that our church participates in together. God calls us to give back to him a portion of what He has given us as an act of dependence and worship. We're called to give in proportion to what He's given us, and to give in a way that shows we value the things of eternity. You're invited to give by following the link below. We use those funds to support missionaries around the world, and it enables our ministry to our local community in Oak Lawn. Thanks for supporting what God is doing through OLBC. You can give by following the link below, or mailing a check to 9435 S. 54th Ave Oak Lawn IL 60453.

September 20

Take a moment and pray before you watch the service. 

September 13

Take a moment to pray before you watch the service. Commit to being an active participant in all that happens in the worship service.